Anglo Oil Filtration provides an onsite purification service that allows for the reduction of expenses to your business. We can purify contaminated diesel back to with our innovative filtration technology.  Our specialised service is able to be done online which means that we can purify your contaminated diesel and clean the tank where the diesel is held, at the same time. Our innovative technology is completely mobile which allows us to provide our services to many clients, country wide.

The marine environment, particularly, offers challenging factors to the onboard storage of diesel oil. Because of the temperature changes between the outside environment and the interior of the vessels’ tanks it is ideal for the proliferation of bacteria. This forms a sludge in the tanks and when in rough seas this sludge will go into suspension in the fuel ultimately causing filter blockage when you least need it. By purifying the fuel and cleaning the tanks this problem can be solved relatively easily. Another preventative measure is to keep your fuel tanks filled to the maximum.