A transformer is an apparatus for reducing or increasing the voltage of an alternating current. Simply, all but a tiny fraction of the world’s electrical power has passed through a series of transformers by the time it reaches the consumer. If one knows what they are looking for they can see transformers everywhere; buildings, factories, electrical substations, power stations, etc.

Like most things in life we only realise something is a problem once it is too late. A car can have an increased lifespan if adequate maintenance is provided. This is the essence of transformer maintenance. Due to the excessive amount of voltage that transformers are required to withstand (+30 000 volts in many cases) they tend to be built to a very high standard. It is for this very reason that they tend to be neglected until they either stop functioning or in some cases explode.

If a transformer is well maintained it can take as little as few hours or days, depending on the size and number of transformers, to conduct annual maintenance on them. However, in the event that a transformer stops functioning, or explodes, this could be devastating to a business from a cost and down time perspective. In our current day and age no business can afford to be down for a few hours let alone weeks or months.

What we offer is a high quality, efficient and complete transformer maintenance service. This includes:

  • Full assessment and inspection of each unit on a yearly basis to prevent any failures or faults;
  • High quality machines designed for both light and heavy industrial applications;
  • External and internal examination of transformer and HT switch gear for rust, leaks, cleanliness and anything else that might require attention;
  • Gauge the condition of the silica gel breather and replace it if necessary;
  • Ensure that the oil level is correct in the transformer;
  • Ensure that the oil temperature adheres to the transformer parameters and safety standards;
  • Transformer oil testing prior to and after maintenance.
  • Submit a report to you detailing our findings and any problems identified.

Whatever your transformer needs we are confident that we can assist you.