Oil purification is a necessity for many businesses. Oil is a scarce and expensive resource that contributes significantly to a business’s daily expense. This does not even take into account the expensive, complicated and environmentally unfriendly processes of disposing of old oil.

What many customers do not realise is that by not servicing their oil they risk considerably causing damage to the machines, most notably in the form of decreased power output. Over time the levels of sludge, moisture, and acid increase in the oil; these build-ups reduce the lifetime of both the oil and machines.

Our oil purification procedure is 100% green as the process involves purifying oil that would otherwise be disposed of. Further, we do not use any additives or other chemicals in this process. What this means is that oil purification is not only good for the planet it is also good for your profits.

What we offer is a high quality, efficient, green, and cost-effective oil purification service. This includes:

  • On site oil purification;
  • The right machines to cater for any onsite job;
  • Purification of hydraulic, transformer and heat transfer oils;
  • Water removal from all oils; and
  • Bulk oil and fuel purification (+50 000 litres).

Whatever your oil purification needs we are confident that we can assist you.