Anglo Oil Filtration CC, formerly Oil Filtration (Proprietary) Limited, was formed in 1980 by Paul Holmes. Prior to forming Anglo Oil Filtration, Paul worked in the industry for many years, before setting up his own company and was a known expert in his field of transformer maintenance. It was during this time that Paul realised that by forming his own company he could offer more value to clients through improved technologies and more personalised service.

With attention to detail and a professional service Anglo Oil Filtration quickly grew by word of mouth alone, attracting clients all over South Africa and Namibia.

Paul identified that there was a need in the market that had been largely neglected – Oil purification. Many companies were being forced, at great expense, to dispose of and replace old oil that, with the right treatment, could otherwise be re-used. For this purpose, Paul developed the innovative and highly sophisticated Oilfil®; a system of High Vacuum Centrifugal (“HVC”) purification.

With the Oilfil® Anglo Oil Filtration can offer massive savings to clients in situations where they would otherwise have no other options but to dispose of their old oil at great expense and effort.

More than 35 years later, Anglo Oil Filtration is still going strong and continues to provide clients with the same high-quality service and cost savings they have come to expect.