Hydraulic oil has a natural life span during which certain foreign contaminants can be introduced, for various reasons which can drastically shorten the life of the lubricant oil.

Hydraulic oil contamination seems to be industry specific.

  • In the marine sector, it has been observed that there is a problem with water and bacteria contamination. This includes dissolved, emulsified and free water. The temperature difference between the outside environment and the interior of the vessels tanks, make it ideal for the growth bacteria.
  • In the industrial sector, it has been observed that the life of the oil is decreased by the build-up of varnish contamination.  This is because of oxidation from foreign gases in the oil. This negatively affects the viscosity of the oil which will affect machinery and cause inefficiencies and break downs.

Our innovative technology degasses the oil, thereby preventing varnish build up, removes bacteria build up, and removes water in hydraulic oil. This greatly increases the lifespan and efficacy of hydraulic oil.